• To be recognized as a regional front-runner in the manufacturing of specialized industrial coating systems for the architectural and metal packaging industry.

  • Ongoing and Year-By-Year excellent performance ratings in Quality – Innovation – Commitment – Service and Price.

  • Having reached the leading position in quality supply and service in the coil coating domestic market, Spectrum Industries continues to pursue a similar leading position in the regional markets and in the can coating industry.

  • By continuous investment in expertise, extensive laboratory equipment and state-of-the-art production machinery, the company stays ahead of customer’s requirements and demands and a platform is created from Which customers give ongoing trust.

  • Highlights Of Current Projects In The Industry
    Our people are determined to exceed client expectations with proven global project delivery across industries.

Who We Are


About Ghobash

Established in 1981, Ghobash Trading and Investment Company (Ghobash Group) is a privately owned, diversified group that focuses on growth through value-creation. The group has interests in high-growth sectors, including investments, information technology, healthcare,retail and hospitality, real estate, industrial, trade and services.


About Spectrum Industries LLC

Spectrum Industries is operational since 2004 in Dubai Investment Park and is specialized in the production of Coil, Extrusion and Can coatings. Spectrum Industries is currently servicing customers in countries like UAE, KSA, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan, India, Germany & Africa.



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